In June 1993, the Chicago based, Death/thrash Metal band Crematorium, released the underground demo “Baptism of the Oppressed.” Soon after, Crematorium became Embodied, who recorded an 8 song demo that was never officially released but does exist, and by early 1995 the band parted ways. Guitarist Tom Tangalos(Crematorium, Embodied), bassist Russ Powell(Embodied), and guitarist Damian "Tom" Leski(Embodied) formed Gorgasm. Michael "Bats" Martocci(drums)(Crematorium, Embodied) went on to play bass for Disinter, a regular name in the Chicago Death Metal scene, while Chris Mull(guitar)(Crematorium) & Mike Mazylewski(bass)(Crematorium) moved on with their lives, and Paul Gillis(vocals)(Crematorium, Embodied) worked on various side projects(Chronic Illogic, Form) and also started to get involved with the production/recording end of things as well. In March 1997, Paul G. and Bats formed Jugular Appetizer. Longtime friend, Paul Vossel, as well as, Johnny Tolzcyk(ex-Eye Gouger drummer/ex-Impulse Manslaughter guitarist), filled the guitar slots, and in early 1998, for a short time, Tom Szmuda, ex-Crepitus/Waking Chaos guitarist, played bass. Things did not work out with Tom S., and shortly after, in mid '98, new additions, Bill Null(bass) and John "Moe" Null(vocals) from the ex-Carpentersville, IL. based, death/thrash band - Body Bag, were introduced. No time was wasted, and a full line up, including two vocalists, was established, and a 4-track demo(entitled "Jugular Appetite") was recorded not long after, but was never released. 

In July 1999, Johnny had to leave the band due to work related reasons. A few months later Jugular Appetizer became Morgue Supplier. On New Year’s Eve of The Millennium, Morgue Supplier played their first show with Fleshgrind in Waukegan, IL.. In February 2000, Vos was asked to leave the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Rob Simon on guitar for a short time before that fell apart. In April of that same year, Moe was locked-up(with a 18 month sentence in his face) for some petty bullshit charges. Paul G. decided to keep the vocal duties for himself & not bother with trying to find a second vocalist while Moe was incarcerated. Shortly after this, Terence, who was also the drummer for Waking Chaos at the time, took over on drums, and Bats moved from the drums to the guitar. 

During mid to late 2000, Morgue Supplier continued to play the local scene and had some great shows with such bands as Immolation, Incantation, & Goat Whore. At the Immolation show, the band released their first official demo entitled "Not Dead Enough". This 4 song cd started to get their name circulating throughout the scene, along with numerous reviews and plenty of mail coming in and going out. 

By late 2001, Damian "Tom" Leski(guitar)(Gorgasm)(ex-Embodied), showed interest in the band and was asked to join. Once again, the band started getting some good shows with such bands as Disgorge(California), Disinter(Chicago), Screaming Afterbirth & CorpseVomit, to name a few. Once again, though, by February 2002 more problems started to sneak up on the band. First, problems started with Terence. He was asked to also play with Gorgasm and not long after him & Leski were out of the band. Eric Bauer(World of Shit guitarist)took over on drums, and once again the band was struggling to make shit work. Then, one fine day in April 2002, just after Moe was finally released from jail, and started getting back into screaming his head off again, the practice space burned down, and they lost pretty much all of their equipment, including their recording gear, and some of the new tracks they had been recording. This was a devastating blow for every possible reason you can think of. By June 2002, the band recovered what they could through insurance and what not, and found a new practice space and started at it again, still determined to get their much antipated full length finished. 

Then, once again, in late 2002 more fucking bullshit... Bats, co-founder of the band was dealing with personal issues and before long, he was out, and yet again there was another major detour. This time the band wasn't sure what was going to happen. Now, without a guitarist, it was a question of "how can we start this yet again?" Well, luckily, Eric met a drummer named Nate Mitchell, and he jumped in on drums. Eric switched over to guitar, and the transition went smoothly and the band continued to arrange and write material for the upcoming full-length. 

Nate(Drums) disappeared(supposedly on some kind of coke binge off into the desert) not long after the recording of the full length "Sociopath"(December of 2004). Some great reviews surfaced due to this album and the intensity had never been so in your face. So, once again Eric switched back to drums, and there they were, again looking for a guitarist while writing songs for yet another release; this time the 3 song demo "The End of the World"(Eric handled guitar duties for this recording).

In March of 2005, Paul Vossel(original guitarist from 1997-2000) showed much interest and was asked to give it another shot and the band moved forward yet again. In May '05, MS lost longtime bassist, Bill. He moved out of state due to family issues. and ex-Crematorium guitarist Chris Mull showed interest in blazing some shit and moved in on bass. The first show with this lineup played with Macabre and Gorgasm at the Holiday of Horrors in Dec. 2005. By May of 2006, alongside the release of "The End of the World", problems with Vos(Guitars) resurfaced and ways were parted yet again. Rob Mazekis filled the slot on guitar for a brief time and MS played the Holiday of Horrors show again in Dec. of 2006 with Macabre & Jungle Rot. And.. as expected, Rob was next in the looooong line of band members to join, and then either be kicked out, disappear, quit, or just flat out lose their fucking mind.

and then one more... Moe moved to Las Vegas in June 2007 & Paul G. officially decided to remain as the sole vocalist.

In Feb. 2008 the band started working with new bassist Steve Reichelt(Chris switched back to guitar). In Sept. 2008 recording started for the EP "Constant Negative" which was released on April 21st, 2009 on Necrotic Records to rave reviews. 

From the time "Constant Negative" was released, until late 2012 the band played several great shows with such bands as Gorguts, Grave, Misery Index, Magrudergrind, Gigan, Ulcerate, Anal Cunt, Nocturnus, Anal Blast, Today is the Day, & a shitload of others. From early 2013 up to the present day, the band has been writing towards a new full-length album.

During this writing period, the band was approached to write the theme song/single for an animated series "Executioner" produced by Rugburn. The single is entitled "Bringer of the End(Executioner Theme)", and was released digitally via Itunes & many other download sites on April 10th 2013. Since then we have continued to play some great shows, & finish work on the self-titled, 14 song full length album...

On Dec. 11th 2015 we signed with Obscure Musick who will be releasing the album on Feb. 19th 2016...